Sunday, October 31, 2010

Red Carpet Kaiju Show

Not too long ago I participated in my first group show called Red Carpet Kaiju, thanks to the Great Mark Nagata of Max Toy co who I met a few months earlier. Mark and I met through a chance exchange of emails. A few months before RCK show I emailed Mark telling him I was a fan of his work and that I wanted to do some work with him. I may have even added some samples of my work as well. Not thinking whether he would respond or be interested I continued to go about my regular work. A few days later I got a return email from him expressing a interest in working together and wanted to know what I had in mind. I let him know what it was that I do professionally and that I would love to combine my design and production experience with his art. After several weeks of back and forth discussions we came up with the Eyezon kaiju pin. Which debuted at Comic Con 2010 and resulted in a success which has gone on to two reorders in different color themes.

Red Carpet Kaiju Show was the first art show I ever attended and it was awesome. The show was held a the Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles California. Below are the figures I painted for the show. To be honest this was my first time painting toys but not my first time using a airbrush. Man this was fun! Since this show I have been hooked on painting toys and have added it into my bag a tricks. In fact it was this show that got me a chance to do commissions for collectors.